Friday News & Give-Away

by Maria Popova

 How cool is this book spine poetry?

 “You are not so smart

thinking, fast and slow

this will make you smarter.”

This week had some fun and interesting book news.

What will the global e-market look like in 2016? In the constant guessing game of what will become of the physical book format, PWC weighed in with their projection that e-books will make up 50%  of the US market. Agree/disagree? Good thing/bad thing?

This cute couple eloped in a bookstore!

A B&B for book lovers.

Underground New York Public Library is one of my new favorite blogs.

Are you on Pinterest? I am. And I love this new board by @IrisBlasi : Things to Do with a Book Besides Read It. And this one by HarperCollins for fashionistas.

Organic stacked book sculptures.

West Coast destinations for book lovers. I especially want to check out this Library Bar in LA.

Awesome bookstore sign in a touching Buzzfeed article titled 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

And here’s a gorgeous visual of the 50 coolest book covers.

For this week’s give-away, I have a copy of CITY OF STYLE, which I talked about in my last post.  To win a copy, comment below with what city YOU think is most stylish. Or tell us what you’re reading lately. Winner will be chosen randomly. Good luck!

** Thanks to Mercey, winner of last weeks’ give-away, who’s currently reading The Great Gatsby**

Have a lovely weekend!


One thought on “Friday News & Give-Away

  1. I am lovin’ your blog! This is so awesome! I must say that LA is the most stylish…that being said, I’ve never been to NY. I love LA so much that I’m enjoying a “staycation” and doing all things LA at the end of July. Currently, I am reading Jaueline Kennedy Historic Conversations on Life with John F Kennedy and last night I read Pete the Cat (to the kids). I am reading the E-Book version of the Jaqueline Kennedy book on my iPad, though I still enjoy buying and holding a real book in my hands. – Caasi

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